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YouTuber sends an AirTag to Tim Cook and Apple responds with a letter | Digital Trends Spanish

A YouTuber has decided to send three AirTags to different places and one of them was no less than Apple Park, with Tim Cook himself as the recipient. YouTuber MegaLag sent the three AirTags from Frankfurt, Germany, and the objective was to check if Apple's Find My network was capable of detecting where they were located at all times. As the protagonist explains in the videos, Find My located the AirTags in places such as the DHL facilities (from where the shipments were made) and even at the airport before they were sent. MegaLag explains in its video that the AirTag sent to Apple Park was suddenly identified somewhere in Nevada. The reason was that the flight that was carrying your package flew over that territory, so it is possible for the tracker to communicate with a passenger's ...
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Cuban youtuber is arrested in the middle of a live interview | Digital Trends Spanish

The influencer Cuban Dina Stars was arrested by the Government of Cuba while offering a live interview to a Spanish television channel, in the midst of the citizen protests that are taking place on the island. This happened during the program Everything is a lie, Channel 4. The influencer she made comments and related about what is happening in Cuba regarding the protests against the Government, when she suddenly interrupted the conversation to notify that agents had come to her house to look for her. Minutes later, the youtuber she appeared again on the call to say that she had to go, that she did not know exactly where they would take her and concluded by saying: "I hold the government responsible for anything that may happen to me." Prior to what happened, Dina Stars had commented a...
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This sinister ball tells you how you are going to die | Digital Trends Spanish

For some reason, there are people very interested in knowing how they will cease to exist. Aware of this somewhat morbid concern, a youtuber has decided to create a kind of game that answers that question. Thus was born the Tragic Fate Ball that reveals to the players the way in which, supposedly, they are going to perish. Stuart Gorman has created this device from a large 3D printed billiard ball that changes the number eight on the top for a skull, and other decorative elements. Inside the ball, the youtuber included a special plate attached to a 1.6-inch LCD screen that is permanently attached. "Ignorance is a blessing, are you sure you want to know?" He points to Gorman's toy almost as a warning. Thus, between the response messages, the ball provides some alternatives of how a pers...
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Popular Mexican youtuber arrested for child pornography | Digital Trends Spanish

A popular youtuber and influencer Mexicana was arrested by the authorities of her country. This is Yoseline Hoffman, also known as YosStop, who is in custody for the crime of pornography "to the detriment of a minor," according to official information from the Mexico City Prosecutor's Office. To influencer He is accused of having received and stored on his mobile phone a video of a sexual attack against a minor. And not only that, but he insulted the victim on his social networks and through a video entitled Patética Generación, in which he claimed that the attack against the minor had been nothing more than an attempt to attract attention. Apprehend #FGJCDMX a woman, accused of the crime of pornography, to the detriment of a minor person @mileniotv @ImagenTVM...
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This is the effect of a microwave on wifi | Digital Trends Spanish

For several years, having unlimited access to the internet through a Wi-Fi signal has become a first-rate need for all of us. However, on many occasions we can see that the intensity of the signal does not work in the best way. And there may be many reasons that explain this phenomenon, some of them associated with everyday objects that we have in our home. One of these devices is the microwave, which is popularly identified as one of the worst enemies of the internet. We have always known that microwave ovens are capable of producing interference that affects the signal of Wi-Fi networks; OK, now we can see how this occurs. Youtuber Jessie Carabajal has published a video where he shows the power of this interference through a simple experiment that he carried out in his own home....