Thursday, July 29


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Zeus, the Russian spacecraft that works with nuclear energy | Digital Trends Spanish

In the middle of the Maks 2021 aviation show, It has been presented a model of the Russian spacecraft Zeus, which will operate with nuclear power. Zeus is a ship that will serve various purposes. On the one hand, it will serve as a defense system and for this it includes electronic weapons and lasers, but it will also be a cargo ship that will be able to move cargo to various destinations in space. And it will be equipped with a tracking system that will allow it to detect different space objects. But perhaps more important than the above is the fact that Zeus has enough power for space travel that until now has not been possible. The spacecraft will be what is called an orbiting nuclear plant, which has enough energy to send heavy cargo to Mars in a somewhat shorter time. However, i...
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Harvard and Sony Experts Created a Mini Robotic Surgeon | Digital Trends Spanish

Surgical robots, such as Zeus or Da Vinci, have proven their effectiveness and precision, and today they perform operations in operating rooms all over the planet. These units have robotic arms that are typically about the size of a person, while others can take up an entire operating room. The same does not happen with the new surgical robot created by the Wyss Institute from Harvard and Sony, which is much smaller than its peers: it is the size of a tennis ball and weighs the same as a penny on the dollar, reports Engadget. Robert Wood, associate member of Wyss, and Sony engineer Hiroyuki Suzuki built the mini-RCM (Miniature Remote Center of Motion Manipulator) using a manufacturing technique inspired by Japanese origami. To make this minirobot, they layered the materials, one on...