Tuesday, September 28


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Zune HD, the latest multimedia player from Microsoft | Digital Trends Spanish

Until a little over a decade ago, the consumption of multimedia in portable format was not as it is today. Before mobile phones were standardized as we know them today, there were devices specifically designed for listening to music or watching videos. And one of them was released on a day like today in 2009: the Zune HD. The Zune family was another of the many efforts that Microsoft has made in the hardware world, with unspectacular results. The Zune HD, in particular, was quite a capable device and the first of the brand to include a 3.3-inch OLED-like touchscreen, completely expanding the capabilities of the Zune to date. The Zune HD was basically the way Microsoft wanted to compete with the iPod Touch, developing a series of applications and video games that went beyond playing m...