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Catholic propagandists accuse Sánchez of following “world guidelines” for “the demolition of the family”

In the heat of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who announced her version of defending the family through a baby check every month for two years for women who meet three very precise conditions (being under 30 years old, having a lower annual income to 30,000 euros and having been registered in Madrid for at least ten years), Catholic propagandists have launched into accusing the Government of Pedro Sánchez of allying itself with “global guidelines that determine a gender agenda that involves, firstly, the demolition of the family”.

The Catholic far right prepares its offensive in the streets against abortion and euthanasia

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The Catholic Association of Propagandists (ACdP), the association that supports the CEU and organizes the congress every year ‘Catholics and Public Life’, considers that the Government of Spain seeks to “impose a change of mentality” with laws such as equal marriage, abortion or euthanasia. “Catholic tradition and culture are being questioned, and we are witnessing the redefinition of good and evil, which complicates the transmission of the faith for Catholics, since sometimes our message seems politically incorrect”, as denounced this Monday the director of the congress, Rafael Sánchez Saus. Precisely these days, the representative of the far-right VOX party in the Madrid Assembly, Rocío Monasterio, demanded that Díaz Ayuso repeal the protection laws for women and LGTBI groups

The propagandists, who have already financed a campaign against the euthanasia law (with a 500-square-meter canvas with a skull in front of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium included), “we have been witnessing a new phenomenon in recent decades, that of ‘political correctness’ “which results in” the deprivation of liberty as we understand it from the framework of Christian humanism. ”

“We are witnessing a change in the Christian cultural legacy and in recent years many of the things that were considered good are being questioned,” stressed the spokesman for the propagandists. “From the political and legislative sphere, what is good and what is bad begins to be defined, and Christianity is situated in what is politically incorrect, in what is oppressive,” lamented Saus, who warned of the “gender ideology” that “claims a profound cultural change and a redefinition of good and evil “.

“A new moral canon”

Saus made these affirmations when presenting the conference of the organization that has titled Political correctness: freedoms at risk, another leit motive of the extreme right represented in Spain by VOX. It will be presented a week before by the president of the episcopate of the United States, José H. Gómez. Gomez has been primarily responsible for the US bishops discussing the excommunication of the country’s president, Joe Biden, despite warnings from the Holy See.

Along with him will be, among others, the philosopher and spokesman of the European Parliament of the Law and Justice party, Ryszard Leguto; the historian and professor emeritus of the Sorbonne Remí Brague and the vice president of the Villacisneros Foundation, María San Gil, as well as the actor and playwright Albert Boadella, who will participate in a cultural event.

For Sánchez Saus, for years in Spain “what has been consecrated by law becomes the new moral canon” and “it seems that everything the Church says becomes obsolete because what is in command is the law.” The director of the Congress speaks of laws such as abortion, euthanasia or homosexual marriage, which are inserted within “this ideological current” that puts at risk “freedom of religion and expression.”

Under the label “political correctness” are located, from his point of view, a series of ideological forms “deeply anti-Christian root” that aspire not only to shape the laws, but also the lives and minds of people, stressed the person in charge. of the propagandists. That, as happened a decade ago during the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, they want to turn ultra-Catholic groups into the real opposition to the Executive of Sánchez. It remains to be seen if with street demonstrations. And if with bishops in them.

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