Sunday, April 2

Cats from Russia are also not exempt from sanctions | Digital Trends Spanish

After the Russian military intervention began in Ukrainian territory, several companies and services from the Eurasian nation have suffered a series of sanctions imposed by the rest of the countries. It is a situation that has affected different areas of Russian society, including that of domestic animals.

Now, the International Feline Federation (FIFe, for its acronym in French), has decreed several restrictive measures against cats that have been bred in Russia. Through a statement, the organization acknowledged being “shocked and horrified” by the military conflict in Ukraine and stated that it could not assume an indifferent attitude about it.

For the same reason, it determined that since March 1, “no cat bred in Russia can be imported and registered in the FIFe pedigree books outside of Russian territory.”

This measure also excludes pets from special events since, according to the entity, “no cat belonging to exhibitors living in Russia may participate in any fair organized by FIFe.”

The organization also noted that these strict measures will be in force until May 31 and will be reviewed “when necessary.”

Of course, this series of sanctions has been highly criticized by organizations that defend animals and by cat lovers. On social networks, many wondered what relationship the Russian attack on Ukraine has with the cats that come from that nation.

“This is crazy, will Tetris be banned in the West?” One user questioned in relation to the popular video game designed in the Soviet Union.

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