Friday, September 22

Cats in Poland are considered invasive alien species | Digital Trends Spanish

In Poland the cats they are public enemies number 1 of the Academy of Sciences of that country, since it determined that domestic felines should be considered as an invasive alien species.

Scientists came to a consensus that domestic cats cause harm to birds and other wildlife by number they hunt and kill.

But the truth is that the Polish Academy of Sciences has listed more than 1,787 animals as invasive species, such as raccoons, pale-winged moths and mandarin ducks: «They pose an unpredictable risk to local wildlife. In the case of cats, they kill and eat 48.1 and 583.4 million mammals and 8.9 and 135.7 million birds per year.

Wojciech Solarz, a biologist at the Polish Academy of Sciences argued that, “The criteria for including the cat among the invasive alien species are 100% met by the cat.”

In fact, in the comments on the Facebook page of the Academy we can observe users who say that the classification of the institution is “simply stupid and harmful”, and there are even those who raise the tone, “they suck and do not deserve their name” or “ask if the man is on the list of non-invasive alien species when talking about the reduction of biodiversity. Cats were unfairly assigned too much blame.”

For now, the recommendation of the Academy of Sciences is not to take cats outdoors during the summer, which is the breeding season for birds.

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