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Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo breaks the PP’s voting discipline to support an “educational 155” with Vox

The PP spokeswoman in Congress Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has again distanced herself from her parliamentary group by voting in favor of the Vox initiative to apply article 155 of the Constitution to guarantee teaching in Spanish in Catalonia. While the rest of the Popular Group has voted against, the one that was the head of the party’s list for Barcelona in the last general elections has supported the proposal, which has also received the support of Ciudadanos.

“I think that in politics as in life, a minimum consistency is required, Álvarez de Toledo has assured Europa Press and has indicated that he transferred the meaning of his vote to the leadership of the Popular Group in Congress. “I have made this known to the management of my group and I take full responsibility,” he said. For its part, the PP assures that it will deal with the matter “internally”, as sources from the group have confirmed to

Vox’s initiative, which the government parties and nationalist and pro-independence formations have overthrown, demanded the activation of the aforementioned constitutional precept in the face of the Generalitat’s refusal to comply with the Supreme Court ruling that establishes that Catalan schoolchildren have the right to receive a 25% of classes in Spanish.

Ignore your party’s slogan

The text has been put to a vote by points and, in the four votes in which it has been divided, Álvarez de Toledo has ignored his party’s slogan. While the PP has rejected the section related to 155 and has abstained in the other four, its spokesperson has supported all of them, along with Vox and Cs.

The Chamber already rejected this Vox text last December, when it presented it in the form of a motion, but the third group of the Chamber decided to put it to the vote again after the demonstration held last Sunday in Barcelona in favor of teaching in Spanish.

In addition to the activation of 155, Vox called for legislative changes to ensure the teaching of Spanish in the educational systems of all regions of Spain, in order to satisfy “the duty of Spaniards to know it as well as to protect the right of all to use it. ”.

It also proposed establishing a sanctioning system for those who hinder or prevent effective compliance with article 3 of the Constitution, which establishes that Spanish is the official language of the State.

In the same way, the third force in Congress asked to reverse the “instrumentalization” that, from their point of view, different regional public powers make of Spanish languages ​​”as an element of division and confrontation between territories and between Spaniards and “the special respect and protection” of the cultural heritage that supposes the richness of the different linguistic modalities of Spain within the constitutional framework.

Feijóo’s ‘Catalan constitutionalism’ is “a Galician”

just a few days ago, in an interview in El Español, Álvarez de Toledo considered that the term ‘Catalan constitutionalism’ with which the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, appeals to recover “cordiality” in the community was “a Galician”. In a recent conversation that he had with Feijóo, and in which they also talked about Catalonia, he conveyed how he believes that “a vibrant and strong constitutionalist policy should be carried out there. It is something that has not been put into practice in forty years, ”he explained in the interview.

It should also be remembered that this is not the first time that Álvarez de Toledo breaks the voting discipline, since he did so last December by not supporting the candidates for the renewal of the Constitutional Court that the PP had agreed with the PSOE, considering that They were not the right profile for the position. The leadership of the Popular Group sanctioned her for that indiscipline.

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