Sunday, December 10

Cciap asks that additional contributions from Minera Panama be invested in strategies that accelerate the country’s growth

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) qualifies as positive the agreement reached between the National Government and Minera Panama in order to finalize this important negotiation, from which the union hopes that, in a short time, a new contract will be formalized.

In addition, the president of the union, José Ramón Icaza, pointed out that, “It is important that a percentage of the additional benefits are invested through prudent strategies that allow it to multiply and can be used in areas of strategic development of the country with a long-term vision.”

The Cciap hopes that “from these new revenues the country accelerates its economic growth in a sustained manner for the benefit of all Panamanians”.

The union believes that the negotiation achieved between the company and the authorities provides peace of mind to private investment most important in the country, reaffirming Panama’s position as a safe investment port.

The culmination of the negotiation is a step in the right direction. It is up to the process to be completed successfully until the Contract Law is approved in the National Assembly”, highlights the Cciap statement.

the guild emphasizes the importance of respecting the agreements reached at the negotiating table in the following instances that correspond