Wednesday, February 1

CCOO calls off the strike at the airports at Christmas after recovering the productivity pay for the workforce

CCOO, the union with the most representation in AENA, has called off the strike at Spanish airports on several key dates this Christmas after committing the Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda to recover productivity pay at the manager of Spanish airports .

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The strike had been called this Monday on December 22, 23, 30 and 31, 2022, as well as January 6 and 8.

The State controls the capital of Enaire, which is the main shareholder of Aena, with more than 50% of the capital.

The CCOO has communicated that it calls off the strikes after unblocking Transport, with the support of the Ministry of Finance, the productivity pay that was interrupted by the pandemic and that was approved in 2018.

A salary that exceeds, together, 10.7 million

The payment of the additional variable remuneration not paid to the workers of the group companies amounts to a total of 10.7 million euros for three companies of the Enaire group, according to the CCOO. Of that figure, more than 8.3 million correspond to Aena.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, Isabel Pardo de Vera, assured last week in an interview with that the workers were not “asking for an outrage” and saw it feasible to unblock the negotiations.

“We are talking. I have received the unions, as president of Enaire, which has 51% of AENA and we are seeing it with the Treasury. It is a complex issue, an additional productivity that they had via budgets, which comes from the time of the crisis, where a salary cut was made, ”said Pardo de Vera.

“First, I want to thank the unions because they have met with me many times. There cannot be a strike, especially at a time of economic activity and tourism that gives oxygen to this country. I know they are on the line to fix it. We are preparing the reports so that it is legally viable and can be articulated. They are not asking for an outrage, ”he acknowledged.

CCOO indicates that the productivity pay of airport workers and control centers will be paid in the first quarter of 2023. Specifically, 80% in January; and the remaining 20%, in the March payroll.