Wednesday, August 17

CDMX’s ‘Zona Rosa’ will have a Tourism-Technological Corridor, announces Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office

The mayor of Cuauhtémoc, Sandra Cuevas, presented the project of the Tourist-Technological Corridor in ‘Zona Rosa‘, whose inauguration is intended to be on February 14, 2022.

Its construction would begin in November.

“This is the project of the Tourist-Technological Corridor in Zona Rosa, with an infrastructure at the same level as the big cities. It is intended to begin construction the following month and inaugurate it on February 14, 2022. #DeCuauhtémocParaLaCDMX”, The official wrote on her social networks.

This project consists of 400 thousand square meters of high-tech LED screen and will be located in Genoa, Juárez neighborhood, and will intervene in 45 more streets.

Likewise, it will have a double-lane roofed zip-line along the entire length of the corridor.