Tuesday, January 18

Ceará PC locks cryptocurrencies in operation

The Civil Police of Ceará (PC-CE) blocked R$1 million in luxury goods and a few more cryptocurrencies during an operation this week.

Occurred last Wednesday (22), the civil police operation was launched in the city of Itapipoca. This municipality has an estimated population of 130 thousand inhabitants and is known as the “city of three climates”, as it has a beach, hinterland and mountains in its territory.

At the site, according to information disclosed by the PC, there was a criminal organization operating with a strong money laundering scheme. This action is part of Operation Fragmented, which began in March 2021, and this is the 4th time that warrants are fulfilled as a result of this.

Ceará PC blocks R$57 thousand in cryptocurrencies in 4th phase of operation

According to the Secretariat of Public Security of Ceará (SSPDS), a criminal organization in Ceará was dismantled this week. The money laundering scheme was headed by a 25-year-old man, arrested last Wednesday.

The investigated work by the police also blocked R$57 thousand in cryptocurrencies that were in the possession of the head of the organization. About R$ 1 million in luxury goods were blocked in action.

“After an investigative work, the Precinct for Combating Money Laundering Crimes (DCLD), responsible for the police investigation, represented arrest, search and seizure warrants, which were granted by the Judiciary and carried out by the civil police of the specialized unit of PC-CE.”

According to information disclosed, investigations have started to investigate the crime of money laundering. The action consisted of laundering the money arising from the practice of embezzlement, which generated profits and was converted into equity.

Civil police identified that the group was seeking to hide the assets, using “oranges” to place assets in their name, in addition to money laundering. The crimes investigated were committed against banks, by opening bank accounts with false documents.

Various seized magnetic cards, counterfeit printers and more

In addition to cryptocurrencies, several items seized by the civil police were seized for the state.

Several bank magnetic cards, printers used for counterfeiting, a television and even equipment from a private gym were seized. In addition, real estate and land owned by the criminal organization are already blocked by the justice.

In a statement, the investigation estimates that the work resulted in the seizure of R$ 1 million in assets. Delegate Ismael Araújo, head of the DCLD, does not rule out further investigations into this case.

We will proceed with the investigation to assess possible consequences of the criminal scheme”.

Cards seized during PC do Ceará operation / Disclosure


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