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Ceará promotes event on NFTs and Metaverse

In a week of events at the Knowledge Fair, the State of Ceará holds meetings about the Metaverse and the NFT.

Between November 24th and 26th, the state will promote the Digital Knowledge Fair 2021 (FdC), through the Department of Science, Technology and Higher Education (Secitece).

This event takes place for the second year in digital mode, entirely free of charge to participants. At registrations are already open on the event’s official website.

Ceará promotes event on NFT and metaverse

During the days of the Ceará Knowledge Fair, in its fifth edition, participants will be able to interact with an interactive 3D platform, which will feature various events.

Those who register will be able to attend the events as often as they like until the end of 2021, with national and international speakers on topics from the education, games, robotics, health, business, entrepreneurship and new technologies sector.

One of the lectures will then be presented by Gustavo Martes, systems analyst and podcaster creator of Binary.Art. In his presentation, the NFT expert will introduce attendees on how to generate authenticity of paintings, photos and other artistic materials for online commerce.

The “Understanding What NFTs Are” will be presented on November 25th, starting at 4:15 pm and lasting for an hour, with an open-ended question session for participants. Non-fungible tokens, which represent digital arts, are embedded in the context of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, with several artists coming to the industry in recent months.

Lecture on NFT at Knowledge Fair in Ceará / Reproduction: SECITECE

Another interesting event about digital art and games happens moments before the NFTs presentation, with the theme “Metaverse: what does this have to do with games“.

Starting at 3 pm, the debate will be presented by three speakers who will address one of the hottest topics at the moment, which attracted attention after Facebook presented its project called Meta.

It is worth remembering that the NFTs and Metaverse have approached the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector, as well as the gaming world, with the so-called play-to-earn.

Thus, the event promoted by Ceará will address the latest in current technologies and which has a lot of money moving on the internet, in the so-called digital economy, generating income for families around the world.

The state has even seen professionals from the Court of Auditors of Ceará (TCE-CE) conduct courses on Bitcoin in a joint training with USP, showing that it has its eye on the cryptocurrency market and its various impacts.

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