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Cecilia, the robot bartender that prepares 120 drinks in 1 hour | Digital Trends Spanish

The Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism at Miami International University has a new member of its faculty who will teach students mixology, the art of preparing a good drink. Her name is Cecilia and she is a fast teacher, as she is capable of preparing 120 cocktails in an hour.

However, Cecilia is not a conventional teacher, but a robot bartender. It was developed by a company in Israel, and after being one of the sensations of the CES fair, where other bartender machines were also presented, it now shows students how to prepare cocktails as expected from a good bartender: good and fast.

The truth is that, as labor apocalyptic as the possibility that a machine can prepare 120 cocktails sounds, its creators say that the idea is not to replace a mixologist. In fact, although she is skilled at preparing drinks, Cecilia cannot scoop out ice, nor can she prepare cocktail garnishes, such as limes, oranges, or cherries. To communicate with her, anyone who wants a drink interacts with an avatar of a female bartender who appears on a screen.

“We thought that it could be more useful in bars where there are long lines,” said Nir Cohen Paraira, one of the creators of Cecilia, in an interview with the Miami Herald. We imagine, for example, several caecilians deployed in major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl.

Cecilia can make up to 120 drinks in an hour (Photo: Facebook @DrinkWithCecilia).

In addition to its remarkable ability to quickly prepare cocktails, its creators say that it can make suggestions, such as drinking tequila neat and accompanied with lemon and salt, and even telling a joke between drinks. Does not sell beverages to minors.

Also, it can offer restaurants and hotels accurate information about the most ordered drinks. Thus, for example, a bar could load its internal compartments (it has seven) with the drinks that are most requested.

The future catches up with us, and it will do so in a bar.

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