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Cecilia, this is the Paramount Plus series coming to the US | Digital Trends Spanish

Paramount+ has announced that the Spanish-language original series CECILIA will premiere exclusively on the service this Thursday, April 14 in the United States, the Nordic countries, Canada and Australia. Produced by VIS, the eight-episode series stars Mariana Trevino, Erick Hayser, Marimar Vega, Michael Brown Y Caesar Bono.

The series tells the story of Ceciliainterpreted by Mariana Trevino, a creative, charismatic and audacious woman who has transformed her parents’ bakery into a successful business, by dint of talent and hard work. However, her own fears and conflicts have led her to create around her a family system highly dependent on her, where love has been replaced by need.

This world she rules falls apart when she suffers a stroke. What at first seems like a tragedy, ends up being an opportunity for Cecilia to put aside her omnipotence and give way to her environment to develop the necessary tools and resources to learn to live without her.

the series of Paramount Plus is led by a talented international cast, including Erik Hayser, who plays Cecilia’s doctor, Dr. Jimenez; Michel Brown, who plays Germán, Cecilia’s second ex-husband; and Aminta Ireta and Natalia Coronado, who play the twins of Cecilia and Germán, Romi and Majo, respectively. In addition, Germán has a son, Simón, played by Leo Deluglio, from his first marriage to Sofía, played by Mayra Batalla. Marimar Vega plays Ana, Cecilia’s younger sister; and César Bono and Lumi Cavazos play the respective roles of Don Jaime and Dulce, the parents of Cecilia and Ana and the former owners of the bakery that Cecilia now successfully manages.

Shot in Mexico City and based on an original idea by renowned writer and director Daniel Burman, the series is written by Clara Roquet, Mónica Herrera and Burman himself, and is directed by Ihtzi Hurtado, with executive production by Inna Payán. In addition, “Cecilia” has an original song by the singer Julieta Venegas inspired by the history of the series as a musical theme.

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