Wednesday, January 19

Cedears: Argentine companies led the increases among the most traded papers

For its part, the main drops were led by Advanced Micro Devices (-2.1%), the Asian giant Alibaba (-1.1%), and the technology company Nvidia (-0.6%). Earlier this month, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd restructured its e-commerce business into separate divisions, China on one side and international ones on the other. The company announced that it is looking for new sources of growth after a difficult year.

Regarding the papers with the highest market capitalization, Coca Cola grew 1.4%, Tesla rose 1.4%, and Apple rose 1.1%. The volume traded in Cedears during the day fell 17% to $ 2,389 million, which represented 64% of that traded in equities.

Wall Street

The Dow Jones came close to hitting a new all-time high on Wednesday. Indices closed slightly mixed after markets were weak and indecisive: Dow Jones rose 0.2%, S&P 500 rose 0.1% Dow Jones and Nasdaq fell 0.1%

On the other hand, Gold prices fell from a high of more than a month on Wednesday they played in the previous session, as appetite for riskier assets hit bullion confidence.

Initial studies pointing to reduced risk of hospitalization in the Ómicron cases helped investors look beyond travel disruptions and propelled the S&P 500 to record highs this week.

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