Friday, December 3

Cedears: sharp decline in technology sector in line with Wall Street

One of the biggest casualties was Zoom’s. The platform that rose as much as 750% during the pandemic fell 18% and traded below $ 200 after worse-than-expected results and low growth projections.

In relation to the papers with the highest market share, Coca Cola grew 1.7%, and Apple rose 0.7%. On the other hand, among the increases, the mining company Vale (+ 8.3%), Petrobras (+ 5.3%), and JPMorgan (+ 5.1%) stood out.

Brazil’s benchmark equity index rose more than 1% on Tuesday, supported by commodity-linked companies such as Petrobras and Vale, while the news related to a tax reform being processed by Congress remains on investors’ radar. According to preliminary data, the Bovespa rose 1.3% to 103,445.51 points, in a volatile session.

Meanwhile, the Financial Stability Board, made up of regulators from the countries of the G20 group of economies, published at the top of the table JPMorgan as the most important of the 30 banks with the greatest systemic relevance in the world.

The volume traded in Cedears during the day rose 49% to $ 3,676 million, which represented 68% of the amount traded in equities.

The New York Stock Exchange ended up being uneven this Tuesday, when the rise in interest rates on bonds in the United States favored some stocks and penalized others. The Dow Jones gained 0.55% to 35,813.80 points, and the expanded S&P 500 index 0.17% to 4,690.70 units, while the Nasdaq technology lost 0.50% to 15,775.14.

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