Tuesday, November 30

Cedears: strong recovery of technology companies, in a day with record volume

The government of Brazil approved this Thursday the commercialization, as flour, of wheat transgenic HB4, resistant to drought, developed by the Rosario company Bioceres in conjunction with Conicet and the Universidad Nacional del Litoral. What imposed the roles of the agricultural company that developed it.

On the other hand, among the stocks with the highest market capitalization, Coca Cola rose 1.7%, Mercado Libre grew 1.3%, and Apple rose 2.2% and between The biggest drops were the Brazilian aeronautical company Embraer (-5.2%), Despegar (-4.2%), and Tesla (-2.2%).

Embraer shares plummeted after The Brazilian government announced that it will reduce by 25% the volume of contracts it had to equip itself with 28 multi-mission military aircraft. The company said it “has learned” of the government’s decision and will seek legal action as soon as the decision is formally notified.

For its part, Shares of Tesla Inc fell 2.8% on Wall Street after its chief executive officer, Elon Musk, sold another package of shares in the company worth about $ 700 million.

The day on Wall Street ended with the three main indexes in positive after erasing part of the uncertainties about inflation and the low consumption data in the United States. For its part, the industrial Dow Jones gains grew 0.5%, the S&P 500 rose 0.7% and the Nasdaq rose 1%.


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