Tuesday, January 18

Cedears: Tesla Inc shares soared almost 8% after statements by Elon Musk

Musk sold another 934,091 shares on Tuesday, bringing the total number of shares he dumped to 13.8 million., far from the 17 million shares it was expected to sell. “I sold enough shares to get around 10%, plus the options exercise, and I tried to be extremely literal,” he said.

The main increases of the day were completed, among the most operated Cedears, Embraer (+ 3.6%), Globant (+ 3%) and Ternium (+ 2.3%). On Tuesday Embraer led the increases (+ 18.1%) after announcing together with BAE System the development of an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft for the defense and security market.

In relation to the papers with the highest market share, Mercado Libre rose 0.4% and Apple grew 0.8%. As for the most important drops, the companies Alibaba (-3.6%), Meta (-1.5%), and Advanced Micro Devices (-1%) were found.

The volume traded at Cedears during the day rose 38% to $ 3,448 million, which represented 77% of that traded in equities.

Meanwhile on Wall Street, the majors rose on Wednesday in a broad rebound on upbeat economic data and hopeful news about the severity of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, which is spreading around the world.


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