Tuesday, October 4

Celta footballer Santi Mina will play for a Saudi Arabian team after his conviction for sexual abuse

Celta de Vigo have confirmed that Santi Mina, one of their star strikers, sentenced to four years in prison for sexual abuse, will play on loan for a team from Saudi Arabia next season. A brief statement published late yesterday Tuesday indicates that the agreement has been closed, which had been discussed for days, with Al Shabab, a team whose coach is the Spanish Vicente Moreno.

Checks for silence, detectives and reputational destruction: Santi Mina’s attempts to silence his victim

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The note released by the Vigo team indicates that Mina is going to join the Saudi team immediately and that he will play in the country’s first division until June 30, 2023. In the meantime, the parties hope that the Justice will rule on the appeals filed against sentence. Since it became known that the Provincial Court of Almería considers it proven that Mina abused a woman in the town of Mojácar in 2017, Celta has removed the athlete from the matches and opened a disciplinary file. He returned to training with his teammates after sending a burofax to the club in July demanding to resume group activity.

Next season, the soccer player will play in the league of a country with a long record of complaints of human rights violations. As published by the newspaper Lighthouse of VigoLast Monday, Mina traveled to Saudi Arabia to close the deal.

Celta recovered Mina for the 2019/2020 season, when the events for which he has been convicted had already occurred and had been reported. Coming from the Vigo youth academy, at that time he was playing for Valencia. The president of the team from Vigo, Carlos Mouriño, tried to justify the signing at a press conference at the end of July: “He and his lawyers convinced us that nothing had happened. They tell us about a type of extortion that they wanted to do to him. And with my illusion of that return operation I was totally wrong and I did not take the due precaution”. He also apologized to the fans for not having been careful to include a clause in the contract that would allow him to fire him without having to compensate him if he was convicted, as has happened.