Monday, February 26

CEMEX completes street construction in Capira

Cemex inaugurated the main access street to the community of Villa del Carmen in Capira.

This road, which has a length of 80 linear meters, was built with concrete, following the highest quality standards. The work goes from the Inter-American highway to Villa del Carmen culminating in the distribution center of CEMEX and Capira.

With this work, the company’s commitment to contribute to the improvement of community infrastructure in the neighboring towns of our headquarters is affirmed, a fact that allows improving the conditions of approximately 1,900 users, including our clients who make use of the road.

Local authorities and community leaders were present at the inauguration of this road, “We are very grateful to the prestigious company CEMEX Panama and his work team who have collaborated in the development and execution of this modernization work on the street of the village of Villa Carmen. I am sure that more works like this will come later to improve the quality of life of our community” added the representative of Capira, John Herrera.

For his part, the country director of CEMEX Panama, Jose Luis Seijo, who was also present at the opening ceremony, emphasized the importance of the company’s commitment to the development and growth of the communities that surround the company.

“At CEMEX we are proud to provide the community of Villa del Carmen and to our clients a safe and durable public space. The useful life of a concrete road is at least 30 years, more than double that of roads built with other materials, they are safer by reflecting light 3 times better and are up to 15° cooler,” said Seijo.

The road has adequate infrastructure for the passage of heavy trucks and it was planned to build it with a slight slope in such a way as to optimize the channeling of rainwater, avoiding inconveniences and/or future damage.