Sunday, January 16

Central American countries agree on the need to specify the electrical interconnection

The president of the Regional Commission for Energy Interconnection-CRIE-, Roberto Jiménez, snoted that the commitment of all those involved is required for the electrical interconnection, because it represents an issue that takes years and needs to be concretized.

The CRIE held a meeting in Panama to address the evolution, challenges and opportunities of the regional energy market for the coming years.

Representatives of Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama agreed to point out the need for optimize energy quality in the region and achieve greater accessibility for its inhabitants, highlights a press release from Asep.

Jiménez advocated for strengthen infrastructure rules quickly, aimed at achieving greater development and reported that once the respective agreements are reached, the results will be tangible for investment in Central America.

Armando Fuentes Rodríguez, Administrator of the National Public Services Authority (ASEP) and representative of Panama before the CRIE, stressed the importance of choosing this country as the venue for the organization’s meeting and establishing future agreements.

Fuentes Rodríguez mentioned that at the level of Panama, results in electrical matters include the implementation of renewable energy projectss, mobility of electric cars, among others.

In terms of electric mobility, Costa Rica and Panama established the Electric Route on wheels, an initiative that seeks to offer electric vehicle drivers to travel between the two countries without emission of gases.

The Central American region is currently working on regional interconnection with Mexico through Guatemala; and with Colombia through Panama.

Among the issues that were addressed at the CRIE meeting, the following stood out:, among others, Regulatory Proposals for the Consolidation of the Regional Energy Market; and Challenges for the Efficient Operation of the Regional Electric System.