Wednesday, January 19

Central Bank of Peru denies any link with the Sol Digital token

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru issued a statement in which they refuse to have a relationship with a token advertised in that country, called “Sol Digital.”

«The denomination of the Sun corresponds only to the monetary unit issued exclusively by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, so any use of this denomination for digital currencies issued by third parties affects the powers of the Central Bank and contravenes the legal framework applicable to the issuance of banknotes and coins’, express the financial entity, on November 24.

In that sense, they flatly denied any link to the Digital Sun, since in that country private digital currencies do not have the support of the Central Bank.

From the Peruvian financial body, they highlighted that cryptocurrencies are neither controlled nor supervisedspecifically, with regard to the risks of market volatility.

They also warned the public of the risks involved in acquiring the so-called “Digital Sun”.

The token was created by a financial services company called Anclap. As indicated in their Web page, focus on develop a digital payments network, “Connecting the financial systems of Latin American countries with the world” through the Stellar blockchain.

The Peruvian financial body warned that it does not issue the Sol Digital token.

Token launch

The «Digital Sun» was unveiled last September. According to a specialized medium, the stablecoin is interoperable and backed in the local currency. With it you can pay or collect without costs, have the funds instantly and withdraw them to a traditional bank account.

They also reported that the Token can be acquired on the exchanges and and it can be exchanged for currencies such as the Argentine peso, the Brazilian real, the US dollar or the euro.

Peru if you want a CBDC

Although they denied being linked to the digital token «Sol Digital», the Central Bank of Peru if you have shown a willingness to have your own digital currency (CBDC).

The information was confirmed by the president of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Julio Velarde, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

«The payment system that we are going to have in the world 8 or 10 years from now is going to be completely different from the current one. We have been working on a digital currency, “said Velarde.

They have worked for the project with other financial entities from countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.