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Cepal estimates a growth of 8.2% for Panama this year 2022

Panama will once again lead economic growth among Latin American countries in 2022, revealed a report by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal), in which a growth of 8.2% is projected for the country.

According to ECLAC, Latin America will grow 5.9% this year, a figure that reflects the statistical rebound in relation to the contraction of 6.8% last year.

According to their Economic Study for 2021, the commission projects that growth will moderate in 2022, reaching a rise of 2.9% from Gross domestic product (Start).

The biggest limitation, he pointed out Alicia Bárcenas, executive secretary, is the lack of investment by governments.

“What is happening in our region is dramatic,” Bárcena said at a virtual press conference. “We have to say, our region had a much slower growth rate in more than a century. And beyond 2021, the great challenge will be how we reverse this dynamic, “he added.

The average growth rate between 2013 and 2019 was 0.3%, the lowest since First World War.

In the case of Panama, ECLAC estimates place GDP growth at 12% at the end of 2021, while for 2022 it is 8.2%, the highest in the region, followed by the Dominican Republic with 5.5%, El Salvador with 4.6% and Peru with 4.4%, while for the Caribbean, as a region, growth of 7.8% is expected.

However, ECLAC warned that one of the country’s main challenges for 2022 will be the growth of inflation, which according to the estimates of the United Nations it currently stands at 3.3%.

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