Friday, January 21

Cepsa and Endesa sign an alliance to create an ultra-fast recharging network for electric cars in Spain and Portugal

Cepsa together with Endesa X, Endesa’s electric mobility business line, will work together to develop what will be the largest ultra-fast recharging network in Spain and Portugal on the road (on the go). This new ultra-fast charging network to be deployed by Cepsa (150 kW points located in all corridors and main communication routes) will join the development plans for the charging infrastructure that Endesa X already has: 75 ultra-fast charging points already installed in 25 locations throughout Spain. These equipments will allow users to recharge 80% of the battery of their electric vehicles in approximately 10 minutes.

Cepsa and Endesa customers will be able to use all the public chargers of both companies through their respective digital platforms (apps). As the charging networks are fully interoperable, customers will be able to use all the public chargers of both companies.

With this agreement, Cepsa customers will be able to enjoy from the beginning of the year, through their own mobile app, the nearly 2,800 recharging points that Endesa X already has deployed in cities, communication and transport routes, as well as in rural areas to structure the different areas of Spain, with the use of all technologies (ultra-fast, fast and semi-fast).

In addition, both companies will actively collaborate in the development of a commercial proposal for electric mobility in all areas, with the aim that all users who want to bet on electric mobility can have at their disposal a comprehensive solution that meets their recharging needs. , both in the field of public access and in the field of linked recharging.

During the signing of the agreement, Philippe Boisseau, CEO of Cepsa, highlighted: “This alliance represents a significant step not only for both companies, but it is also an important milestone for the energy transition in Spain and Portugal. For the first time, efforts are being joined in a decisive and transversal way to make the decarbonisation of transport possible in line with the achievement of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. It is an honor to be able to do it with a company like Endesa ”.

For his part, José Bogas, CEO of Endesa, pointed out that “collaborations between companies are essential to accelerate projects and be more useful for society. This is the essence of the agreement that we have just concluded with Cepsa. A joint project that is at the forefront of electric mobility solutions and that helps curb the effects of climate change. Endesa has a well-marked path towards climate neutrality and we are pleased that Cepsa has chosen us as travel companions in this project ”.