Thursday, October 6

CES 2022 in Las Vegas, in doubt by Ómicron: Amazon, Twitter and Meta cancel their attendance

“Due to the increase in Covid cases across the country over the past week, we decided to cancel our in-person attendance at CES next month,” Twitter said. In the United States they are preparing for a record of infections, they recommend not traveling to Spain and technological giants such as Google have postponed the return to the offices once again due to the new variant.

“We will continue to actively monitor the situation in the new year and find other opportunities to connect with our customers and partners,” explains Twitter as a consolation. The same has indicated Meta, owner of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, they will not attend in person to preserve the health of their employees, but they are exploring how to continue participating virtually.

Another of the big brands that has decided not to attend CES is Amazon and its brand of home automation cameras Ring: “due to the rapidly changing situation and the uncertainty generated by the omicron variant, we will no longer be at CES.” They are not the only ones who have made this decision.

Nvidia will limit itself to holding a virtual conference, while others such as Advance Micro Devices and T-Mobile, the latter sponsor of CES, say they will “significantly limit” their presence at the show. Even so, preparations continue, Gari Shapiro, president of the CTA, assures that more than 100 government officials will attend and that security measures have been taken such as daily tests to detect infections.

This is the first major fair dedicated to technological innovation that is held every year around the world, a significant event for companies to showcase their new products and the prototypes they are working on. From the robotics market, to that of televisions and other gadgets, they are concentrated in Las Vegas to show themselves to the whole world.

Companies like Samsung, Sony or Google are key in their conferences. These companies, for the moment, have not canceled their assistance, but they confess to Bloomberg that they are following the current health situation and preparing digital alternatives for their press conferences. Qualcomm is also planning to attend, as well as major tech media outlets at The Verge, Endgaget, TechCruch and CNET who will feature correspondents in Las Vegas that week.