Friday, December 9

Chamber of Commerce of El Valle seeks to promote the tourist attractions of this region

The Anton Valley Chamber of Commerce, in the province of Coclé, is made up of 74 companies that are joining forces to promote tourist attractions of this region of the country, for which they are already in the process of receiving their legal status in order to start working formally.

The president of the union, Mauricio Caballero, owner of the El Níspero Zoo, pointed out that the membership is broken down into 31 lodging sites with a total of 1,700 rooms distributed in hotels of different sizes. In addition, to these are added 34 feeding sites that offer a lot of variety and facilities such as gas stations, supermarkets, hardware stores and different services.

For Caballero, the tourist offer of this site, just two hours from Panama City, offers recognized companies such as hotels The Mandarins and the Campestre, craft markets and offering a wide variety of fruits and plants.

El Valle is a site for ecotourism and adventures different from other destinations. We have a natural wealth recognized for having hundreds of species of birds, and a very pleasant climate”, he stressed.

He anticipated that very soon the Chamber of Commerce of El Valle will have its legal status. We are convinced that acting together we have more influence when it comes to marketing the destination, rreceive more international and national tourists, in addition to solving energy problems and improving the streets,” said Caballero.

He announced that one of the projects they seek to promote is fully operationalize the bike lane and ensure that tourism and economic efforts benefitna population of 8,500 inhabitants, considering that the tourist activity is one of those that have the greatest capacity to permeate a community.