Friday, January 28

Chamberí’s Britney Spears will defend Spanish to the last drop of your blood

Britney Spears has a new album for the Madrid music scene. Friday was the big opening day of the Office of Spanish, that mysterious body that had to be put into motion with haste so that Toni Cantó could have a job with a salary of 75,000 euros per year, since he had been left without a position in the candidacy of the Madrid elections. It was launched in the plan here I catch you, here I kill you, and it was necessary to give it some content. Some of it is, lest people think that it is exactly a chiringuito, which is what he called it Cantó in an excess of sincerity. Britney is not afraid of criticism and decided to present it herself. And that rage those who do not want it. Oops! I did it again.

By Britney Spears, you have to read Isabel Díaz Ayuso. This week, he gave a talk at a private university in Madrid (annual price for Audiovisual Communication studies: 7,800 euros). Many right-wing students crowded the entrance to greet her like a teenage pop star. Used to being cheered on in bars and restaurants, it’s hard to impress her. The show came deep into him: “I am a little excited because it has been an entrance like Britney Spears, one has been tied up here at the door … “, he said later. And if she is Britney, Pablo Casado is nothing more than a Justin Timberlake gone down.

This is not a good time to compare yourself to Britney. Some will suggest that Miguel Ángel Rodríguez is Díaz Ayuso’s legal guardian, in this case without disputes in court. That is what Teodoro García Egea sometimes thinks.

Lately, the fans of the Madrid president have accumulated. Not in Genoa, where they alternate between anger and depression when they observe that Ayuso has counterprogrammed the PP convention that Casado and Egea are preparing with so much care by demanding a provincial congress that enthroned her as a Madrid liberal pop star. She goes about her business and what she has to do now is make eyes to Vox to support their budgets. A man as grim and stressed as Santiago Abascal has been forced to surrender to the melody that Ayuso sings. “It is evident that Vox has much more coincidence with Isabel Díaz Ayuso than with Genoa. It is much closer to positions that we defend,” the Vox leader said on Friday.

The phrase admits few interpretations. Ayuso is already the leader of the Popular Party closest to the extreme right, as Abascal has certified, always ready to disparage the PP. He even says that Ayuso “is going in the right direction”, with which it is possible that they will get even closer. The lyrics will change a bit, but the music of both of their songs sounds very similar to Abascal’s demanding ear.

Deep down, he was just being grateful for what he had heard the day before. The case of Malasaña’s false assault gave Ayuso the excuse he was looking for. In the Madrid Assembly, the president signed Vox’s message in relation to sexist or homophobic violence, which consists in maintaining that there are many false complaints, which is not true. For Ayuso, this has become the most serious issue: “What I am going to propose will be a modification of the state regulations that makes the defense of the rule of law against false complaints more effective, which is where we must put the accent because they are behaviors that are criminal offenses “.

On Twitter, he explained it in a somewhat confusing way. “All laws, no matter how well intentioned, can never attack our legal system,” he wrote. The laws – and the Constitution above them – are what shape the legal system. And the Penal Code already has article 456.1, which regulates the penalties for false complaints.

It is not essential to insist too much. The chances of these changes being approved in Congress are nil, nor do they fall within the powers of the Community of Madrid, but that is not what interests him, but to make it clear to Vox that both interpret very similar scores.

In the presentation of the Spanish Office, it was also necessary to create a problem to show that she has the solution. “Spanish does not occupy the place it deserves in digital content,” he explained, without it being clear what he was referring to. It will be that it bothers him that more English is spoken in the world. He reiterated that his Government intends that Madrid be “the European capital of Spanish”, a position that London or Paris are far from being able to dispute (hint: they speak other languages ​​there). “We do not intend to attract Spanish students, but Spanish students.” Changing the preposition sounds very fine. The objective was to reassure the PP of Salamanca, which fears a hostile takeover bid for the largest destination of foreign students of Spanish.

The presentation ceremony was intended to set the bar very high and in that Diaz Ayuso never falls short. The important thing is to talk about what you are going to do, not to do it. That is already more complicated and you can always blame others. He spoke of “contesting the United States for the center of musical production in Spanish.” What was at first an idea to give Cantó a quick charge has turned into an attempt to avert the consequences of decades of increasing influence from the US Latino community and the city of Miami.

Then Toni Cantó intervened, who summarized in six words why he was chosen to lead the office. “Thank you, President, for explaining it so well.”

Let’s see who is the handsome man who dares to tell Britney to her face that he is not the undisputed star of the party.