Wednesday, January 19

Change in Mining: Alberto Hensel leaves and Fernanda Ávila enters

The minister previously met with the President in his office in the Government House, accompanied by the Governor of Catamarca, Raúl Jalil, and Ávila, who had been serving as Minister of Mining of that province.

Kulfas pointed out that “this takes place as a result of the resignation presented by Dr. Hensel, who will assume tomorrow as Minister of San Juan (Chief of Cabinet).”

“We thank you very much, you have had a really very positive management and we congratulate Dr. Ávila, we are convinced that she will do an excellent management and of course Governor Jalil, the province where Fernanda comes from, where she comes from being Minister of Mining of that province “, completed the minister.

Ávila, for his part, thanked President Fernández “for this opportunity”, Minister Kulfas for “the trust” and Governor Jalil “of course”, and stated: “We will now begin to work at the national level for the growth of the investments and mining in the country “.

For his part, Governor Jalil pointed out that “for Catamarca it means a recognition of all this mining history”, and warned that “in these two years of pandemic we have never had a public investment like this from the national government in housing, in roads, in pipeline”.

“We are living a great public investment dream and we thank Kulfas,” he said.

In parallel, the president said that “jobs in the industry are growing” and an agreement was signed together with the governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintela, “on the textile and footwear industry.”

“It is a great opportunity for Catamarca and for Argentina. Mining is one of the paths that we have to follow to improve the balance of payments and trade and in that we are going to accompany the President,” added Jalil.