Saturday, April 1

Change of cycle in the markets or overreaction?

The editors of They break down the keys of the day together with the experts and the most solvent sources in the sector. This episode features the portfolio manager at A&G Banca Privada Jaime Figueroa. The analysis focuses on investors’ reaction to inputs that create inflation, rate hikes and omicrons. But since Monday, one more alert has been added: the drop in productivity in Spain for 14 consecutive quarters. Also, keys to creating value with a fixed income portfolio.

Transcript Summary

January has been one of the worst in memory on the stock market and February has not started much better. The Fed, Ukraine, inflation and now the ECB…

Are we facing a change of cycle or an overreaction?

Do you expect more volatility this month?

Today we have learned that the productivity of the Spanish economy fell for 14 consecutive quarters. The data is disturbing, as it reveals the problem that many companies have to generate profits. Is it a new risk?

Inflation is a problem now, but Investment magazine forecasts a moderation this year to 3 percent. How does inflation affect your daily decisions?

Right now, the eyes of the market are on the sharp fall in bond prices and the rebound in yields. In fact, German debt is positive and is putting pressure on the risk premium. Do investors have reason to be worried about the bond market?

Do you think equity valuations are reasonable, especially after the recent falls? What sectors do investors need to look at to rebuild their portfolios? Which ones should be quarantined?

In fixed income there is still room to earn something. Where do investors have to look?

Are you already working with a forecast scenario for your portfolios in which the pandemic is history?


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:44 Change of cycle or overreaction?
  • 01:45 New problem: productivity
  • 04:02 Investment Magazine: inflation at 3% in DIC
  • 06:42 Strong fall in bond prices
  • 08:28 Sectors to recompose with
  • 14:04 Is the pandemic history?


  • Director: Ismael Garcia Villarejo
  • Production: Jose Jimenez
  • Realization: Gabriel Garcia Guio
  • Recorded in Madrid on February 7, 2022