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Chaos at Apple plant in Shanghai: workers break barriers | Digital Trends Spanish

A true chaos was lived in the plant of Quanta Computer in Shanghai, where they are made to order by Manzana the macbook pro. In a video circulating on social networks, hundreds of workers in white overalls are seen crossing the company’s security fences, after strict health controls for COVID-19.

The harshness of the confinements in China has meant that in recent weeks the authorities have applied a very demanding technique in the workplace.

“To avoid the closure of production plants, “closed-loop” production processes are allowed. This is where workers live in on-site dormitories, with none of them being allowed in or out of the facility for a month or more at a time. 9to5Mac.

Bloomberg made a chronology of how the events took place in Quanta Computer:

Hundreds of workers at a tech factory in China have clashed with authorities and flooded into isolation barriers after weeks under lockdown, a stunning collapse in the Communist Party’s efforts to contain Covid-19 infections.

The Shanghai factory, which is owned by Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc. and makes devices for Apple Inc., among others, has been operating under tight restrictions since early April. In a video shared on Twitter and YouTube, workers ran through the barriers and became entangled with guards in white protective gear who tried to keep them inside.

Quanta employees confirmed the confrontation occurred on Thursday night, while the company did not immediately provide comment. One worker said people are worried about further tightening because there are positive Covid cases on campus. The government is taking a central role in managing the plant’s operations, another employee at the site said.

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—自由亚洲电台 (@RFA_Chinese) May 6, 2022

Possibly this situation will lead to further delays in the manufacture and distribution of MacBook Pro.

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