Tuesday, May 24

Charges from the Madrid Soil company say that it is “impossible” to order espionage from Ayuso because there are controls

The two heads of the Municipal Housing and Land Company (EMVS) who have come this Monday to testify at the second session of the open investigation commission at the Madrid City Council on the alleged espionage of the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, have agreed in affirming that it is “impossible” that the company itself could have hired the detective agency or commissioned the espionage because there are exhaustive controls that would have detected it.

The CEO of the EMVS says in the investigation commission that no one was hired to spy on Ayuso

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The first person appearing, María Teresa Peral García, head of the EMVS contracting department, stated that she heard about the alleged espionage case by listening to the radio: “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing”, she acknowledged before the commission. But she immediately assured that “no file of these characteristics had been initiated” in the EMVS. Furthermore, according to Peral García, if someone had decided to set up espionage services, “a file would have been opened and the superior would say: ‘What is this?’ This can not be done”.

Peral explained that the controls that are followed to close contracts are in accordance with the procedures established by law: “We process these contracts through an application and verify them, guaranteeing the confidentiality of all processes.” In addition, they are registered in the contract records of the Madrid City Council and are subsequently audited by the Court of Auditors.

Shortly after, his superior, manager of the public company, José Antonio Acosta, confirmed the same. But Acosta later added for his part that if “there was a bad citizen, to call him something” —of whom he has said that he does not know who he is— that he contacted the Mira detective agency to carry out that assignment without his knowledge or the of the management of the company is that “it has no fucking idea of ​​how it works” neither a public company nor the Administration. Acosta has affirmed that, if he had known these alleged facts, he “would not have consented to it and would have denounced it, without any doubt.”

The Manager has begun his appearance by making an allegation of the transparency of the EMVS in its operation and has explained that he learned of the “embarrassing, immoral and illegal” facts of the alleged espionage with municipal resources from the media information published on last February 16.

Previously —according to what he has narrated— at a meeting held a month earlier in the APOT building —headquarters of the City Council’s Urban Planning area—, on January 12, the president of the company, Álvaro González, and CEO, Diego Lozano, invited him to leave an earlier meeting to discuss certain matters and he thought it might be about something from his work, which made him uneasy. Especially when seeing the Councilor for the Environment, Borja Carabante, suddenly appear there. “I was surprised, I had no idea there was a second meeting. I was shocked because it seemed strange to me.” But then they told him: “Forget it, nothing is wrong”, and that “relieved” him.

Both Peral and Acosta have defended the head of Housing Communications, David Fernández, who resigned from his post a few days after the case came to light. The head of Recruitment has ruled out that he has processed any file within the company because it was not his responsibility. And the manager, who was the one who hired him, has recognized his work: “I was surprised by his resignation because he did a magnificent job, he was doing it well.” “He told me that he had a good offer,” he added, disassociating his departure from the alleged espionage case.

The second session of the investigation commission has been marked by the absences of Ángel Carromero, former coordination director of the mayor’s office, who resigned after the scandal broke, and that of Mercedes González, the Government delegate, who have not been able to attend and have asked to find another hole for them. None of those mentioned has the obligation to go.

Those who have not even responded to the requirements of the presidency of the commission, held by Ciudadanos, have been the owner of the Mira detective company, Julio Gutiez, and the PP deputy and president of New Generations, Beatriz Fanjul.