Wednesday, December 8

Charging an electric car in 5 minutes may be possible with this proposal to cool its cable

The question is obvious: if the problem of charging an electric car is the waiting time, why don’t we use more powerful charging sockets so that this time is reduced? Well, because among other things, the charging cable would not support that power and could end up in flames.

That is why at Purdue University Have proposed a method to cool those cables without resorting to liquid cooling, which makes those cables too stiff and difficult to use. They call it “current boiling” and yes, it consists of boiling a liquid around the wire.

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That liquid would boil and evaporate due to the power of the energy of the cable, but the resulting vapor would end up condensing away from the heat source and returning to it as liquid again in a closed circuit. In this way, you can constantly cool the cable, allowing more energy to pass through it.

The result, which reflected in New Atlas, is that a charging cable for electric cars could withstand a current greater than 2,400 A. Or what is the same: that cable could charge an electric car from 0 to 100% in 5 minutes. Even less if the space in which the coolant resides is optimized and its state is modified, according to those responsible.


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