Thursday, September 29

Charlie dies, the ‘tiktoker’ who fought cancer with humor: “See you in the afterlife”

This Monday the internet knew of the death of Carlos Sarriá, known as ‘Charlie’ on social networks, especially on TikTok. The young man from Alicante, 20 years old, has died of cancer that he publicly endured for a long time using humor. The news was spread by his relatives, who published a post that he had prepared on tiktoker.

The video, which already has more than 32 million views: “Thank you for everything, you have made me very happy” the young man said goodbye on the recording, sounding in the background the song by A summer without you by Bad Bunny.

He also said goodbye to his followers on the social network Instagram. “Bye motherfuckers, see you in the afterlife,” Charlie’s post read.


Goodbye dogs, see you in the afterlife.

♬ original sound – Charlieee

Carlos, who appeared on occasions accompanied by his girlfriend Nerea, had not offered any news about his state of health for days. The last news that his followers had was on August 8, when he reported that they had given him a bag of morphine so that he could cope with the pain he was suffering.

“I have nothing to ask for. Although I have what I have, I consider myself a happy person and I am grateful for what I have, ”the content creator shared in his latest video. “It is hakuna matata live and let live”, said Carlos, maintaining the attitude he has always had, cheerful and positive.

The news has impacted social networks, which have been flooded with comments of thanks and regrets for his loss. Among the many people who have publicly said goodbye to the young man is his girlfriend Nerea. “Thank you for teaching me to love, I love you,” he published on her social networks.


Everything I feel for you cannot be expressed in a one minute video. Thank you for teaching me to love. I love you.

♬ Car’s Outside – James Arthur

Charlie was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare type of cancer that occurs in the bones or surrounding soft tissue, common in children and adolescents.

The young man shared his fight against the disease on social networks, where he defined himself as “a normal kid, but with cancer.” Through humor and jokes, Carlos approached his audience in a very special way. He had more than four million followers. Thousands of affectionate messages mourn his death.