Sunday, September 19

Charlotte Johnson Wahl, mother of Boris Johnson, dies at 79




The artist and painter Charlotte Johnson election, mother of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who once called her the “highest authority” of his family, passed away at age 79, said the English newspaper The Times on Tuesday.

Charlotte Johnson Wahl, who was diagnosed Parkinson’s disease When he was 40, he died “suddenly” but “in peace” at St Mary’s Hospital in central London, the Johnson family said. In addition to being the mother of Alexander, known since adolescence by his middle name, Boris, she had three other children: Rachel, a journalist, Leo, an environmental specialist, and Jo, a former conservative secretary of state.

The Johnson family, like many British families, was very divided on the issue of Brexit. Boris went on to reveal that his mother had voted in favor of leaving the European Union, while his sister Rachel was pro-EU. Boris’s father, Stanley, was one of the first British civil servants in Brussels, a member of the European Parliament and the European Commission. In 2016 it declared itself anti-Brexit but took an abrupt turn the following year.

Daughter of lawyer James Fawcett, who was president of the European Commission for Human Rights in the 1970s, Charlotte Johnson Wahl studied English at the prestigious Oxford University, where she met Stanley Johnson, whom she married in 1963.

Following her divorce from Boris Johnson’s father in 1979, she made a living from her art, but struggled to make ends meet. He made a name for himself as a portraitist.

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