Friday, September 17

Chavismo and the opposition seek partial agreements to save the dialogue in Mexico

Correspondent in Caracas



The list of demands is endless, but there are priorities and urgencies that have led the delegations of the Nicolás Maduro regime and the opposition that he leadsto Juan Guaidó to focus on the negotiation of partial agreements to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela during the second round of the dialogue in Mexico City, which began last Friday and will conclude today.

Gerardo blyde, head of the opposition delegation, expressed his hope that there will be agreements soon to “alleviate the humanitarian crisis to some extent, but all Venezuelans know that there will be no permanent solution to our deep economic crisis as long as there is no democracy, which means institutions autonomous, respect for human rights, return to constitutional order, clear rules of coexistence and that Venezuelans can freely choose their destiny.

The parties advance in partial agreements “related to care for the people of Venezuela”

Subsequently Jorge Rodriguez, head of the official delegation, informed the media that the parties are advancing in partial agreements “related to care for the people of Venezuela.” But what interests the regime the most, according to Maduro, is the lifting of international sanctions against him. On the other hand, for the opposition, humanitarian aid blocked by the regime and the release of political prisoners are priorities. Yesterday, the deputy of Popular Will (VP) Yonny Salazar, the second released in 24 hours after Gilberto Sojo, also VP.

Maduro: “Without impunity”

Maduro, however, issued a warning to Guaidó: “Neither in Mexico, nor on Mars, here there will be no impunity, here there must be justice, severe justice,” he told one of his ministers in a conversation broadcast on television. state.

“My actions in favor of the freedom of Venezuela have greatly annoyed the dictator”

Meanwhile Carlos Vecchio, Ambassador of the interim government of Guaidó in Washington, referred in a public letter to the fact that Maduro has vetoed him in the dialogue in Mexico, in which he has been replaced by Freddy Guevara. “My actions in favor of the freedom of Venezuela have greatly annoyed the dictator,” he clarifies. «The dictatorship has never had any scruples to threaten, blackmail and lie. It has done so in all previous negotiation processes and it does so in this one as well, “says Vecchio, who asks not to allow” the continuation of these blackmails. “

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