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Chile: they capture an incredible meteorite with high brightness in the sky | Digital Trends Spanish

In various parts of central Chile, an extraordinary phenomenon occurred in the early hours of this July 7, since the inhabitants of various cities such as the capital Santiago, or the coastal city of Talcahuano, recorded the fall of a meteorite which left a great flash of light.

The images were recorded at 5:44 am in various videos, mostly from security cameras.

Sandro Villanova, astronomer at the University of Padova and academic and researcher at the Department of Astronomy at the University of Concepcionexplained in Radio Bío Bío of Chile that It was a “meteor, which is when a gram of dust or a rock enters the Earth’s atmosphere and heats up, disintegrates and lights up.”

View of #meteorite on #Chili (Peñalolen sur) thanks to cameras of #ledrium. @Sepulinary @EduardoTVT

— FelipeVCurico (@FelipeVCurico) July 7, 2022

The same teacher added that, “it was probably a piece the size of a small stone, not so big, but due to its high speed, when it enters the atmosphere, it collides with the atoms of the atmosphere and friction is produced that sets the stone on fire, it reaches very high temperatures of several thousand degrees and evaporates.”

Beautiful record of meteorite falling this morning on the Yeco in the commune of Algarrobo.#meteorite #Meteorite #carob tree

— Stargazer Chile (@ODE_Chile) July 7, 2022

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