Tuesday, January 18

China bans videos on cryptocurrencies and criticism of socialism

the government of china prohibited users of video platforms post content that promotes cryptocurrency trading and mining. Restrictions apply to short video services such as Douyin (analogous to TikTok).

The government said the new measure would “improve the quality of information” and “protect the stability of the socialist system”.

In addition to not talking about cryptocurrencies, users of video platforms can no longer speak ill of socialist ideology either.

“The rules are formulated in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations. They are designed to improve the quality of video content, limit the spread of false and malicious information and create a clean cyberspace.”, says the statement.


Users of video platforms are also prohibited from posting content that discredits the “ideology and principles of socialism”, insulting the ruling party or the country as a whole, negatively affecting the government’s image.

The text says that users cannot post videos with content that speaks ill or denies Chinese socialism.

“Attack, deny or speak ill of the ideology and guidelines of Chinese socialism; To ridicule, satirize, oppose and despise Marxism; Attack or deny Chinese socialism.”

This is the Chinese government’s latest offensive against cryptocurrencies, which has banned trading in the country’s assets and blocked access to cryptocurrency news sites.