Wednesday, July 6

China blocks DiDi for misuse of user data | Digital Trends Spanish

The Chinese government ordered the app store owners to expel DiDi through an order issued by the CAC (Office of Cybersecurity Review of the People’s Republic of China).

According to the Chinese cyberspace regulator, the company has likely collected personal data from users to store it outside the country.

The ban was announced last weekend, and the administration cited serious violations in DiDi Global’s collection and use of personal information.

This determination comes two days after the regulator announced that it was going to initiate a review of the company’s cybersecurity.

This means that China’s largest app stores, operated by companies like Apple and smartphone makers Huawei Technologies and Xiaomi, are forced to remove DiDi from their platforms.

The regulatory body ordered DiDi to rectify its problems by following legal requirements and national regulations and to take steps to protect users’ personal information.

For his part, through Weibo, the vice president of the company, Li Min, assured that the accusations about storing user data were false and described as “impossible to pass the data of Chinese users to the United States.”

“The company will strive to rectify any problems, improve its awareness of risk prevention and its technological capabilities, protect the privacy and security of user data and continue to provide safe and comfortable services to its users,” DiDi mentioned in a statement.

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