Tuesday, February 27

China closes Google Translate and puts us in trouble | Digital Trends Spanish

In China they want to end Google services little by little, and this Monday, October 3, the closure of Google Translatean essential program especially for travelers who know little or nothing of the Mandarin language.

The users in Reddit They first noticed that the service was down on a Friday night. Attempts to access the old mainland china address from Google Translate are now redirected to the Hong Kong site. Bloomberg noted that the Hong Kong version of the site is not accessible on the mainland without a VPN, marking Google’s move as an effective shutdown of the service.

Google made its translation feature available to China in 2017, including a separate app that people in China could download.

Internal reports indicate that the main reason for ending Translate in the Asian giant was the low use of the application in the country. Something that is an unofficial version at the moment.

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