Monday, August 2

China conducts mock military landing near Taiwan




The Chinese Army and Navy carried out joint amphibious exercises last Friday in a province near Taiwan in which they simulated a military landing. The maneuvers took place the day after the second military plane from USA in less than two months.

The newspaper ‘Global Times’, linked to the Communist Party of China, reported last Sunday of the exercises in waters off the eastern province of Fujian, which should be seen as a warning and a deterrent gesture by the US and the “secessionists from Taiwan”, an unidentified military expert would have indicated to the aforementioned publication. Likewise, he assured that more complex military maneuvers will probably be carried out in the future.

“As first-rate troops based on the southeast coast, we must train hard in scenarios such as actual battles, be prepared for combat at all times, and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” General Zhu said. Chaojun to the Chinese media and collects Ep.

Beijing warned of “serious consequences”

These military maneuvers in the vicinity of the island claimed by Beijing They come precisely after the Chinese Defense Ministry warned last Thursday that the entry of foreign planes into the country’s airspace without its authorization would lead to “serious consequences.”

A US Army plane landed in Taiwan last Thursday, just the day the director of the American Taiwan Institute, which acts as the ‘de facto’ US Embassy, Brent Christensent, finish his term to be relieved by the diplomat Sandra Oudkirk, informa ‘The South China Morning Post’.

The United States is Taiwan’s main ally and the island’s main arms supplier. However, the coordinator for the Indo-Pacific region of the White House, Kurt Campbell, noted earlier this month that while Washington supports its relationship with Taipei, does not support the formal independence of Taiwan.

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