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China lifts in Xian the “toughest confinement in the world” | Digital Trends Spanish

Everything that happens in China related to the pandemic is a cause for global concern.

For the same reason, many were concerned at the end of last year when a considerable increase in the number of infected was reported in the city of Xian.

Due to this, the local authorities decided to impose a strict confinement for the 13 million inhabitants who live there.


This confinement came to be cataloged by the international media as “the most rigorous confinement in the world”, and lasted for a month.

the blockade

Residents of Xian were banned from leaving their homes for several weeks and food deliveries were few for elderly people who had trouble using the food delivery app.

According to local media, those who were caught outside their home received a heavy fine or were even beaten by the police.

During the period that the blockade lasted, public transport was also suspended.

According to local authorities, the harsh measures taken had an effect. Now, the Asian nation has lifted its lockdown after bringing the COVID-19 outbreak under control.

The Xian mayor’s office reported that the area has already been declared low risk after the number of positive cases decreased, so residents can leave their homes always complying with the imposed sanitary measures, without the need for a certificate.

Health experts also highlight that, during the month of confinement, no deaths related to COVID-19 were recorded.

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