Friday, September 24

China plans a kilometer-long spacecraft | Digital Trends Spanish

When it comes to building giant-sized spaceships, China has plans to match. Because the Asian country is investigating whether it is possible to make a 1-kilometer-long (0.6-mile) spacecraft.

A ship of this size so far exists only in the world of science fiction or video games, but the Ministry of Science and Technology of China could make such a reality. Of course, this ship is not being built yet or anything, but an agency belonging to the ministry is in the process of studying the technical feasibility.

In pursuit of the above, the Chinese agency is looking for scientists who are in charge of investigating new ways to design gigantic and light ships, so that it is easier to put them into orbit. And this initial study will be carried out in a period of five years.

The specifications of the future and potential gigantic spacecraft indicate that it would be powered by solar energy and would communicate with the Earth through microwave signals.

China seems to have a real interest in building a colossus of this size. In one of the published documents on an official site from the Asian country, it is explained that this ship “is an important and strategic part of the future use of space resources, the exploration of the mysteries of the universes and survival in space for extended periods.”

All of the above may sound too science fiction, but for a NASA scientist the project does not seem far-fetched.

In fact, Mason Peck, chief technology officer of the US agency, assured Live Science that building a ship this large is “perfectly possible” and that the main problems have to do mainly with the monetary cost, both of the manufacture itself and of the process of putting it into orbit.

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