Saturday, November 26

China resumes military maneuvers around Taiwan before a new visit by US congressmen

The Chinese Army has confirmed that it will carry out military maneuvers this Monday in the air and sea space surrounding Taiwan in response to the visit of five US congressmen to the island, which occurs twelve days after the one made by the president of the Legislative, Nancy Pelosi.

Taiwan, the thermometer of the battle for planetary dominance between China and the US

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A spokesman has stated that the People’s Liberation Army – Chinese Army – will take the necessary measures to “resolutely defend national sovereignty”. The exercises consist of a multi-service joint combat readiness patrol and an actual combat drill in the sea and airspace around the island of Taiwan, whose sovereignty Beijing claims.

The US delegation, which plans to visit other parts of the Indo-Pacific in addition to Taiwan, is made up of both Republican and Democratic senators and congressmen who, during their two-day stay, will hold meetings with Taiwanese leaders on regional security and trade.

Taiwan describes the “elevated military threat” as “irresponsible”

Taiwan has described the Chinese military presence in the aforementioned areas as a “blockade”, and the island’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, has described China’s “deliberately elevated military threat” as “irresponsible”.

Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian has declared the visit by US politicians a “flagrant violation” of the “one China” principle. In addition, Wu has said that the Army continues to “train troops for war” with the aim of “crushing any form of separatist scheme and foreign interference for Taiwan independence.”