Friday, May 27

China’s Human Rights White Paper



On June 24, the Chinese Government published the title: “The great practice of the Communist Party of China to respect and protect human rights.” The book travels the advances that from the point of view of the Chinese regime have achieved during the last 100 years in a field that the West wants to monopolize, according to the Asian authorities, and use to the detriment of the regime.

China comes out in the book in defense of itself, its policy on human rights and the broad concept that it considers should be had of these. The so-called “white book” highlights that the values ​​of “respect and protection of human rights” were included in both the Constitution and the statutes of the Communist Party.

According to what is stated in the book, the Chinese population positively perceives the State policies aimed at the protection of principles that they identify with their form of government. In this sense, he warns that, despite criticism from abroad, the results show that he is on the right track and is bearing miraculous results. Some examples, such as the so-called “Money wallet” and the eradication of poverty, are collected to draw the current scenario of China. The text rescues progress in the interior territories of the Asian giant, thanks to coordinated development, the growing prosperity of ethnic minority areas and citizen participation in political life.

The publication of the book of Communist Party of China, concurs with the protests from abroad to the Beijing regime on the situation of populations, mainly Muslim, based in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The Communist Party considers them, “slanders of some western anti-China forces” and ensures that the population, in a generalized way, perceives the sensation of “profit”, from the three mentioned aspects, when it comes to matters related to human rights .

To reinforce this idea, the book provides data from different areas. In the first place, taking the eradication of poverty as a reference, he observes that, from 2012 to the end of 2020, the country managed to get the 98.99 million poor in rural areas out of this state of misery. In this way, important goals were reached – 10 years ahead of schedule – of those set by the United Nations in the chapters of sustained development for the 2030 agenda. The efforts made, he insists, translate into a contribution of more than 70 percent. percent, to the reduction of world poverty.

Regarding the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic, the Communist Party emphasizes that the country carries out the largest medical support operation since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Also, remember that you have ratified or subscribed, 26 international documents on human rights, including six UN treaties. Next, he mentions the recognition, within and outside its borders, of the work carried out in international cooperation to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus and improve health conditions, both in developing countries and in other nations. An important factor, he emphasizes, is the work carried out from the initiative of the «Belt and Road» (project of maritime and rail links with, among others, Russia and Europe). The Chinese Government observes that the assistance it provides, for the common good and global development, is carried out without asking for anything in return or demanding compensation or “political conditions”.

Finally, the book considers that “the respect and protection of human rights” should be adapted to the particular conditions of China, that its “definition should not be monopolized by the West” and that its best against attack on them ” calumnies’ are the results of his state policy.

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