Saturday, December 4

Chinese automaker Changan to open utility factory in La Rioja

As reported, as part of the project, some 200 jobs will be generated, between direct and indirect, in the plant, the list of suppliers, logistics and the network of concessionaires.

Daneri stressed that Changan “is a Chinese company that has more than 150 years of existence.” It began producing military equipment, military vehicles, and in 1980 began producing commercial vehicles. It is one of the largest automotive factories in the world. It is the best-selling brand in China, with a development in commercial and passenger vehicles and now with a large investment in electric vehicles.

In this context, he stressed that three years after launching the brand in Argentina, “today we are taking the second step, which is the announcement of the production of the MD 201-pickup, in the province of La Rioja. It is a project that we have been working on for a long time, with more than a dozen local suppliers, to achieve 25% local integration, which is the commitment we have. The project we have is that this plant in its assembly line produces 2,500 trucks per year since July of next year ”. He said that the model will be a “small truck, very necessary and with a lot of load capacity.”


Governor Quintela, after reviewing the critical moments of La Rioja in the pandemic, highlighted that “the construction of the automotive factory in La Rioja is a project made up of a team of very young men and women, with a lot of initiative and work capacity ”.

For his part, Minister Kulfas said that “today is a historic day, because this automotive industrial frontier is being extended a little bit. This is not by chance, there is a president (Alberto Fernández) who is a real federal, not just by speech ”.

“We have to really start to resolve the asymmetries. And that is resolved with political decision, investments and tools, and with governments such as Quintela that works to make this possible ”, concluded the minister.

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