Sunday, December 10

Chinese influencers: they must have studies to spread knowledge | Digital Trends Spanish

A fundamental step in further professionalizing content creators is taking place in China, since a law wants to establish that influencers from that country have a certified qualification so that they can disseminate knowledge on professional topics, such as science, medicine or law.

For content that requires a “higher professional level,” live streamers must have a corresponding qualification to speak on those topics, the State Administration of Radio and Television of China and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said in a joint statement.

Influencers must display those ratings to the live streaming platform they use. Those qualifications must be reviewed by the platform.

Not only qualification, also rules

But in China, control over influencers and content creators has gone further.

The latest rules from the two Chinese government agencies set out a “code of conduct” for online influencers.

Livestreamers may not post content that weakens or distorts the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, for example. China has a strict censorship system that means content that Beijing doesn’t like will be removed from the internet.

Influencers are also not allowed to use so-called deep fake technology to manipulate party or state leaders.

Lastly, livestreamers also cannot show excessive food waste, many luxury items or an extravagant lifestyleand the content must not be sexually suggestive or provocative.

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