Monday, December 6

Chinese may face death penalty for helping bitcoin mining

The vice president of China’s Jiangxi province was fired and put on trial for helping Bitcoin mining companies. the Chinese government official is accused of violating the country’s ban on cryptocurrency mining.

As Xiao Yi is a civil servant, in addition to confiscation of assets, the death penalty may be imposed by court decision. The measure is possible in case the official’s crime is found to cause serious harm to the national interests of China.

In the conclusions of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Oversight, he was accused of corruption and abuse of his powers in helping cryptocurrency mining companies in Jiangxi Province.

“Xiao Yi violated the political and organizational discipline, the discipline of honesty, the party’s work and life rules and was suspected of bribery and abuse of power”, says the website of the Central Commission.

Death penalty

Data on the use of the death penalty is confidential information in some countries, including China and Vietnam, while in countries such as Laos and North Korea, little or no information is available due to restrictive state practices.

Despite this, China is considered the most prolific enforcer in the world,” executing thousands of people each year, according to a report of Amnesty International.

It is still unclear whether the former government official will be sentenced to death, however it would undoubtedly become a preventive measure and an example that would discourage any other government official from coming into contact with the world of cryptocurrencies.

The Standing Committee of the Central Commission approved the decision to expel Xiao Yi from the Chinese Communist Party and from all government posts. Xiao Yi’s property was confiscated and the case referred to the prosecution.


An investigation by the Chinese Communist Party found that Xiao abused his powers to help companies engage in cryptocurrency mining activities, which goes against China’s industrial policies.

The investigation concluded that Xiao had accepted gifts and money in violation of the Party and government’s code of conduct, and had gone to places that may have compromised the performance of his duties.

The government also said that Xiao had traded power for “money and sex”, used his position to seek benefits for others in promoting personnel and contracting projects, and illegally accepting large amounts of property in exchange, among others.

In accordance with Party regulations and laws, a decision has been taken to expel him from the Party, remove him from his post, confiscate his ill-gotten gains, and hand his case over to a court case, which may sentence him to death.

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