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Chinese rover discovers a strange formation on the Moon | Digital Trends Spanish

The Chinese Space Administration released a unique photograph of the Moon’s surface taken by its Yutu 2 rover.

In the image you can see the plain of the Von Kármán crater, an empty area were it not for a strange formation that has attracted the attention of experts.

Those in charge of the mission have called this cube-shaped object “The Mysterious House” because they still do not know what it could be, particularly since it is at a great distance from the rover.

There has been so much interest that the authorities have scheduled Yutu 2 to spend the next few months studying this formation in depth.

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The idea is that the robot gets closer and can take better resolution photos. The problem is that the journey takes several weeks, since the vehicle must avoid the craters and during the day it must stop to avoid overheating just when the Sun hits it directly.

For now, scientists believe that the object could be a large rock that has been excavated by an impact event.

Yutu 2 was part of the Chang’e 4 mission that reached the Moon in January 2019. Since that date, the rover has traveled through the Von Kárman crater, which is 186 kilometers wide.

It should be remembered that this is not the first singular object that the robot finds. In its first year, it discovered a gel-like rock that was later discovered to be molten lunar regolith that may have formed after a meteorite impact.

Ah. We have an update from Yutu-2 on the lunar far side, including an image of a cubic shape on the northern horizon ~ 80m away from the rover in Von Kármán crater. Referred to as & quot; 神秘 小屋 & quot; (& quot; mystery house & quot;), the next 2-3 lunar days will be spent getting closer to check it out.

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