Thursday, March 30

Chinese software spies on employees who want to quit | Digital Trends Spanish

A Chinese company called Sangfor Technologies has developed a controversial computer program that predicts the likelihood that an employee will consider quitting their job.

In accordance with South China Morning Postis a worker activity monitoring system that is capable of detecting visits to online job boards or responses to job postings sent by email.

This controversy arose when a user of a job platform reported that he lost his job after his boss discovered through the surveillance program that he was applying to other companies.

“My boss said he knows exactly what I’m doing during work hours,” he said in a discussion forum along with a screenshot of the alleged spyware.

His complaint generated an intense debate on the Weibo social network, where many people were concerned about this situation.

Sangfor Technologies is the largest provider of online monitoring platforms in China and has major clients such as Alibaba, the owner of TikTok, ByteDance, Xiaomi and ZTE.

The services offered by the company allow access to employees’ browsing history and application usage records, as long as their devices remain connected to the company’s Wi-Fi network.

In addition, the program may rate employees as “ineffective” in terms of the time they spend on platforms and sites that are deemed unrelated to their work.

For the moment, neither the Chinese authorities nor the company’s representatives have wanted to refer to this controversial complaint.

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