Tuesday, December 7

Chirican producers and Mida reach an agreement to improve grain production

To streamline payments, deal with the rise in inputs, and improve rice and grain production processes in the Chirica region, senior authorities of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (Mida) and from this sector held an important meeting in the district of David, Chiriquí province.

The meeting was headed by the head of the Mida portfolio, Augusto Valderrama, accompanied by a work team from this institution and different productive groups in the province, who analyzed the current situation of the sector, with a view to the next sowing.

The head of Mida made an account of the importance of rice production to supply the table of the Panamanian consumer, in times of pandemic. In addition, he raised the need to create a commission to accelerate payments to producers at the end of November and December.

He added that they are interested in seeking real and effective solutions to the agricultural sector of this country.

Chirican producers raised their production and marketing needs and requested new meetings with entities linked to the agricultural sector. Among their requests is the removal of rice from price controls, the current situation of certified seed, an increase in inputs and the reduction of rice tariffs.

Among the agreements, the creation of a working table was mentioned, which will be directed by the vice minister of Mida, Carlo Rognoni, to address the urgent issues of the Chirican producers and give them a prompt response.

Also the elimination of some requirements for the payment of producers.

The meeting discussed the payment of the 7.50 balboas per quintal sold in shell, wet and dirty, in the 2021-2022 agricultural cycle and the compensation of the 2 additional balboas that will be given this year, to cover the increases in costs of production. In addition, on the financing of the Agricultural Development Bank, directed by Cecilio Ricord.

Gabriel Araúz, president of the Association of the New Association of Rice Producers of Chiriquí (NAPACH), stressed that they no longer need to go out, since many of the requests of the unions were clarified and that with the installation of a work table it is guaranteed to obtain the answers they need.

For the Mida participated, the Vice Minister Carlo Rognoni; Oriana Tack, National Director of Incentive and Trust and authorities that make up the agricultural sector.